"Que le siguiessen y no pidiessen mas cuenta!"
(Follow me and don't ask any questions!)

Ferdinand Magellan's response to his senior capitan when asked where he was taking them.

We are two parents and two daughters. From 1996 to 1997 we accomplished the most remarkable journey of our lives, circumnavigating our earth. We sold, gave away, tossed or stored our worldly goods, quit our jobs and schools, and left our home in Alaska for a one-year around-the-world sabbatical. This Web site is broken into two parts: ABOUT, which has all information about why and how we left on this journey; and JOURNALS, a huge collection of stories, insights, and pictures we chronicled and uplinked as we traveled and grew as individuals, as a family, and as members of earth’s remarkable community of people.

When we departed our home in Alaska Salli was 48, George 49, Samantha 14, and Cassidy 7. We all celebrated birthdays on our journey in some amazing ways and places, and when we returned to the U.S. and our new home in Portland, Oregon we were changed.

This is the story of our journey of discovery and growth.

Welcome aboard ….

Since this site began we’ve heard from hundreds of people from all over the world—people who’ve been inspired by our stories, were planning their own journey, or wanted to share their similar story. We enjoy hearing from fellow travelers, whether armchair or on-the-road. Please feel free to write to us at family@worldhop.com.

George, Salli, Samantha, and Cassidy

Warning: Our site is large, full of pictures, stories, jokes, and even exotic recipes. It's intended for travelers (including the arm-chair variety), families (particularly those who dream of changing their lives and taking an extended adventure), adults (especially those in mid-life crisis), and teachers and kids (with a love of science, animals and cultures). We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed living and reporting it.

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