Index of Final Chapter and Trivia

Here we are the final statistics. When compiling these lists we were surprised at how often we did not note the name of a feature or attraction in our journals. And there were times that we didn't note a place at all, except in our collective memories. This list is the best our memories, journals and guidebooks could do for us. We tried to make categories that make some sense, but not everything fits neatly in one spot or another. Here are the basics:

Miles: 43,600 plus
Countries: 18
U. S. States: 13
Currencies: 16
Alphabets: 8
Languages: 18
Parks, Gardens and Natural Attractions: 74
Attractions/Events/Facilities/Performances: 26
Museums (sans monuments): 27
Historic Monuments with Museums: 22
Monuments: 92 plus
Places of Worship: 31 plus
Festivals & Celebrations, Markets & Bazaars: 26
Our Birthdays: 4

1) The Final Chapter - Salli

2) Home Turf — Home Cookin'- Salli

3) Awards: Best and Worst

4) Worldhop Trivia I:
Countries, States, Currencies, Lanugauges and Alphabets

5) Worldhop Tivia II: Our Birthdays, World Festivals and Celebrations, Attractions, Events and Performances

6) Worldhop Places I: Our Statistics, Historic Monuments

7) Worldhop Places II: Places of Worship, Parks and Gardens, Museums

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