Last Second Friends

We were slumped over in our chairs in the Anchorage airport bar, sucking on our sodas and exotic fruit drinks waiting for our red eye flight to depart for Phoenix. We were exhausted and only spoke in grunts when one of us remembered another thing we had forgotten to do.

I hadn't had a chance to really see my friends again before we left, and two minute courtesy phone calls just don't seem the same. Dad looked up from his pina colada and spotted my friend Jenny and her dad as they passed through the metal detector and cruised on to the boarding gates. I chased after them and hustled them towards our table.

We were really dragging by that time and they brought new energy to the table. They gave us an American Indian talisman for a safe journey, and an extra boost to get through the rest of our 48-hour day. They left right before our plane took off (they were super-friends, but they still had to sleep sometime). It had given us closure and made it easier to leave Alaska behind.

Thanks guys!

Jenny and Samantha at the Anchorage Airport.
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