From George's Journal...

Oct 14, 12:45 PM. On board our flight that launches us off the edge of the known, and into the unknown beyond. Once again, the last few days have been so filled with details, duties, shopping, visiting that there's been no room for understanding this odyssey or time to even write in this journal.

We are doing something very Big with our lives – and everyone we meet understands this much more than we do. We are still in the shock of it all heightend by the tears of relatives and yesterday seeing our selves and our story on national TV.

We've been taxing on the tarmack of San Francisco International Airport. And now we lift off from the place that we know as too familiar. The SF skyline recedes on the horizon as we dip our wings and head to sea like sailors of long ago. Our sails are set and a tradewind blows. Samantha seems worried and none too thrilled.... We've done it!

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