A Glimpse Into Hong Kong

Our few days in Hong Kong proved to be wonderful after our first night's debacle. Actually, Hong Kong is a rather small island with high peaks rising above some of the most dramatic modern building we've ever seen. A short ferry ride from Hong Kong s the rest of the Hong Kong colony. Kowloon is the largest and most populated, and further north the more natural New Territories. Hong Kong (island) and Kowloon (mainland) is a city that is alive. One night we rode a tram that climbed a 45 degree slope up toVictoria Peak (great fun to stand up in the tram!). The remarkable architecture of Hong Kong designed by the like of I.M. Pei, can be seen from a variety of angles as you ride to the top. There is clearly no lack of imagination or money when it come to tall commercial buildings on Hong Kong island. At the top, as the sun set, we walked the 6 kilometer single lane road around the peak. On both sides of the road was thick forest, giant flowers and steep slopes covered in wild vegetation. Far below was the much thicker mass of building, roads and people, all lit and roaring with life. Looking down from those heights was like staring at a giant, phosphorescent advanced life form.

The Star Ferry carries passengers between Kowloon and Hong Kong island
From the top of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong wraps around, a roaring, pulsing, always lit megapolis.

This simple road is one that should be walked by every visitor, preferably at sunset. Rich natural growth, a few playgrounds, several remarkable mansions, and a quiet, restful aura that floats above the mass of madness far below on the slopes. We met many other walkers, most foreign visitors. But our favorite meeting along the walk was a giant orb weaving spider. Cassidy spotted her perched in the middle of her web spanning 10 feet between trees. She was marked in black and white, and her body nearly 1.5 inches (4 cms) across, with very long legs that made her 5 inches (12 cms) overall. Returning to the streets of Hong Hong, you walk in a constant stream of people, and feel that you have dissappeared.

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