Opening Comments

First, our trip into Hong Kong, Macau and a corner of China was short despite our original intentions. So please don't expect much either in stories or pictures. It was much more expensive than we anticipated, and our experiences were not sufficiently pleasant to entice us to "bust our budget" to stay.

Second, our experiences there – with the surprising exception of Macau – were colorful, interesting, and exciting, but not wonderful. Especially when contrasted with our experiences and stories of Japan, these are not very upbeat. Such is the nature of travel.

And last, we want to thank Hong Kong resident Susan (whose last name we either didn't get or have lost) who graciously gave us tips on Hong Kong as we rode the Victoria Tram together, and one person in particular who helped us leave this corner of Asia with good thoughts and a desire to return to Macau--Nathan Lam. He alone helped make one day a happy, memorable and friendly sojourn. Thanks....

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