Animals of Amsterdam

Samantha and Cassidy enjoy an afternoon with their friend Jacob, the bar-cat of the Tabac.

It was weird coming from INDIA because Amsterdam 1) was clean! 2) more people were nice! 3) there was hardly any pollution. India on the other hand was terrible, you'd look up in the sky and all you can see is black!!! 4) there were less beggars, in all of Amsterdam I only saw 1 beggar, 5) in Amsterdam touts were much nicer, and 6) last but not least, in Amsterdam there were well taken care of animals and we didn't see one mangy dog! Also in Amsterdam all the animals were loved and cared for.


When we stepped off the plane into the airport we were greeted by a Belgium sheppard. Of course coming from India all of us ran to the dog all of us so very happy to see a dog at last, a dog that didn't have mange!! It was like he was a treasure. I ran yelling out DOG! IT'S A DOG!!! All of a sudden Samantha yelled out CASSIDY DON'T TOUCH, all of a sudden I realized that this dog was no ordinary dog that you hug and play with, this was a drug dog, one of those dogs that check you to see if you are bringing drugs or a gun, as in India they would just look at you and if they like you you would get through OK. Three days later still recovering from culture shock dad went in to get some cigarettes. Well Samantha, mom and I waited outside and a women walked by. She seemed as if she needed help with her groceries and she looked as if she was trying to say something? All of a sudden she whistled and up came a big St. Bernard carrying groceries!!!!! And we also noticed that in every restaurant or bar you could take your dog!!


For a long time in Amsterdam on the house boat we made a lot of friends or in other words acquaintances and where most of them came from was the Tabac Bar across the street. Our friends that came from the bar were mostly the bartender but our best friend was Jacob, a bar cat. He was a very nice cat. We also noticed that in every bar there was a cat!


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