The Ferrari Café

When we were in Geneva waiting to go on the train to Mont Blanc, the tallest mountain in all of Europe, we decided the train wouldn't be coming for a while. We were hungry and there were lots of restaurants around, so we decided we'd eat a little. We went to a restaurant called the Ferrari. In the restaurant there were some men and ladies but one of the things I remember was a big tank inside it with the most beautiful fishes.

The menu looked really good. We ordered snails, a cheese omlette, a green salad and bread. My dad noticed (anduille) sausages on the menu and said it would be fun to try them. But they were really expensive--an order of them was nine dollars! My Dad thought nine dollars must be for a big tray of sausages so it would be OK. The waitress took our order and just so we made sure that she understood, Dad said we only want one order twice more to make sure the order was right. When we got our order there were four sausages on the plate. My Mom asked the waitress to make sure that this was what we ordered, and the waitress said "Yes". So we ate the sausage and boy was it terrible!!!

When we got the bill, it was really expensive! There was $36 dollars that we couldn't tell where it had come from, so we told the waitress that something was wrong. The waitress said that it was the sausage because she thought that Dad meant one for each of us and they were nine dollars each! So we came out all of us worrying that we weren't going to have enough money to eat that night, but we'd have a good story.

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