McDonald’s in Europe

. . at Versailles

This very busy restaurant was affordable for France, but expensive for McDonald’s. Additions to the menu included cafe flitre (Jacques Vabre or Carte Noire brands), espresso, mineral water, beer and several high quality and interesting salads: salmon, gourmet with eggs and bacon, fruit, shrimp, chef, crudites, roquefort. The happy meals had optional fish sticks, cookies and a "tube" of Yoplait yogurt. Of as much interest as the food were the pamphlets and posters containing information on beef quality and origin (not British!) and on what McDonald’s is doing ecologically throughout the EU.

. . . in Amsterdam

This was the one place we were accosted by Gypsy beggars, especially children. Additions to the menu included "chocomel," espresso, capuccino, doughnuts and a vegetarian burger. We noted that apple pies, Happy Meals and styrofoam were back and that the meat patties were bigger than we were used to as they overlapped the bun.

. . . in Cairo

An exact replica of a US McDonald’s, only the toys were different. (Little stuffed camels!) Expensive for the average Egyptian, it was still pretty reasonable for the middle class. The only addition to the menu was bottled water.

. . . in Wales

The menu was in Welsh as well as English (a "Mac Maur" was a "Big Mac"). The only item that stood out was the addition of trifle to the dessert list.

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