We take a break and reflect on our journey thus far--from North America through Asia and now waiting to depart Continental Europe and head to Great Britain, our last vist. We're waiting for a bus at Calais to take us to the ferry, and we're all very sad knowing the last chapter of this journey is about to begin.

Leaving Europe

For Salli and me it was a return to Europe after more than 20 years. And although we loved every moment of our brief tour, it was a tough change from having been "travelers" to now being "tourists."

But regardless, we took great joy in watching our girls learn, and in meeting new people. But after a few weeks we were ready to leave. In the picture on this page we wait in Calais, France for a bus to take us to the ferry that will take us to our last foreign destination, the UK. We’re tired after our early morning rise and walk with full packs across Paris, and the 140 mph bullet train that got us here.

But despite our sense of the end of adventure, just after I took this photo I asked my family what was their greatest wish. All of us agreed, with no hesitation, that our fantasy was to return in a few months to home, to America, visit friends and family for a few weeks, win the lottery, and take off again--another year, this time to go through South America, Oceania and Africa.

Despite having been tourists, we were still travelers . . .

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