Sam's Aside
Traveling Around Hawaii

Salli and Cassidy take a sunset swim on the north shore of Kuai.

So we're finally on the road. The troops have finally stumbled into action. We made it out the door, boasting of our freedom and new found reign to explore. Babbling about our endless limits on time that allow us to discover for ourselves and experience it all. And yet our first real day of exploration and we're cruising the H1 highway on Oahu in our little rented Oldsmobile, and we're oohing and ahhing at the exquisite scenery when I look over the head rest to see mom slumped over with her head hanging in a book. She was rambling on about restaurants, beaches, museums, and things we had to do, meanwhile missing out on all the sights right in front of her. The problem was quickly solved, however, when dad and I confiscated her guide book and made her stare out of the window the rest of the day.

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