Cassidy's Birthday

Cassidy crossing the International Dateline becomes 8 years old. Northwest Airline flight crew bring her treats and sing Happy Birthday.

Our flight to Japan was the usual long international flight with movies, airline food and people packed in like sardines—in other words, an experience to be slept through—except for the wonderful surprise Northwest Airlines gave us when we crossed the International Dateline, far out across the Pacific Ocean.

We left Hawaii on October 31, and hours later we crossed the magical line that instantly evolved into the next day, which happened to be Cassidy's 8th birthday. In an instant she grew older 35,000 feet above the Pacific, as Halloween became November 1 in the middle of the day. Cassidy's birthday having been noted on the manifest along with the request for a kid's meal and seating in the long-leg section resulted in the girls being whisked off for a complete tour of the 747's upstairs first class and the cockpit as soon as we boarded. The crew all sang happy birthday to her as she toured, and we figured that was that.

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