Tokyo's Beatles McDonalds

Japan's prices are outrageous, a cup of coffee can end up costing you $7—with no refill. So when the generous people at Fuji Film were not treating us to massive feasts of delicious food, we were on the streets of Tokyo trying to fend for ourselves.

Even the small, three table, family run businesses were out of our price range, so fast food joints (that were all too popular in Tokyo) became a favorite way to get a quick fix.

But the Slaughter-Mason family wouldn't stumble into just any McDonald's! Of course not, we are the adventuresome world travelers that wouldn't do anything unless it made for a good story. So we are proud to say that we have dined at the historic Beatles Memorial McDonald's.

Amidst a wall covered in pictures commemorating the Beatles visit to Japan is a plaque proclaiming the restaurant the 700th McDonald's to be built in Japan, and of course along with this great honor befalls the gift of being the Beatles Memorial McDonalds. John Lennon's guitar is proudly displayed near the counter registers (I'm sure he's turning in his grave) and to complete the decor is a life-sized statue of the famous English rockers parading in the window.

Like Hawaii, their menu had a few local add-ins. The teriyaki burger received rave reviews from George. However their caramelized custard dessert went untouched by these world travelers, as its design was too similar to flan and even dumb gaigins like us know that flan's origins are far from the shores of Japan.

Salli got a kick out of the small plastic dishes they provided for ketchup, which prevented unsightly ketchup splotches from appearing on napkins and wrappers. However Cassidy's reason for giving the Beatles Memorial McDonald's high marks was based solely on the fact that they let her choose her own Happy Meal toy. As for me, a Big Mac, fries and vanilla shake taste the same where ever you are in the world (trust me), but what better place to enjoy them in?

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