Doin' The Indian Head Bobble

All along our travels we've come across unique gestures peculiar to the region. Hawaii with its thumb and little finger roll, the "shocka." The Japanese head bow, a sign of respect and acknowledgment; the Chinese finger itch, sign of money; and in Thailand the hand prayer as a sign of ultimate respect.

But nothing compares to the Indian head bobble. I don't know where I've been all these years that I missed ever seeing this unique gesture, but once in India you see it everywhere.

The only way to describe it is that it looks like the head movement of those dolls you used to fix in the back seat window of your car.

And doing the Indian head bobble conveys the following: yes, no, maybe, sometimes, somewhere, somehow, yes I understand you, no you make no sense, my kite is flying high, don't mix the Ganges water with your whiskey, camels don't make good pets, or your paltry tip is a reflection of your sick society and all westerners should self immolate.

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