Sariska National Park

When we started this trip we all wanted to come back with something new or come back with a new story that's not the same. We didn't want to come back and say, "today I was bitten by a dog," or, "today some waiter threw a plate on my head." We wanted to say, "today I made friends with a camal named Bob," or say, "today I climbed a mountain."

We didn't want to stay at home every day just watching TV. But before we left we all had a wish. Dad's was to ride an elephant across the jungles of Thailand. Mom's was to come back a different person, one who does not sit all day at work and then come home, cook and then watch TV. Sam's was to cross the Sahara Desert. Mine was to see the Great and Mighty tiger or see how he lives. Dad's great wish came true for his 50th birthday. Mine came true in India.

Although I did not see a tiger, dad says he did. Sam says he saw a panther. Mom and I only saw birds and cows and deer, but we did see weird animals. One, a baby black cobra. The others were jackals. We had gone in three times and only saw those animals.

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