The Monkey Story

The first day in Sariska National Park and all ready making trouble, only this is not Mason-Slaughter trouble. How can that be, you ask? I will tell you at the sign that says "The Story" below.

THE STORY: We had just come from Agra where a man had taken us on a tour of Akbar's tomb, the best place in Agra other then the Taj.

There were thousands of antelope and parrots and MONKEYS. They were very nice monkeys, but that's because they are trained to not bite or scratch.

So I thought that all monkeys had to be nice until I met what I call THE REAL MONKEYS, the kind that rip open your hand.

We had no idea when we went to Sariska National Park how vicious monkeys were, so at first we tried making friends with them. Almost every Indian dropped their jaws and whispered what I thought was said, "stupid tourists."

By that time we were very very thirsty and kind of hungry so we got a coke which wasn't even real coke, but by that time it didn't matter. Well we were gobbling

down our fake coke when we met an Indian famly, a husband a wife and their 3 year old daughter. As we were talking, up came a monkey. He ran over to us and grabbed an empty glass and threw it!!!! I began to worry. We begen talking again.

Soon he came up to us, this time he looked more interested in what we had. I became a little more worried. Dad put down his bottle of fake coke. All of a sudden up ran the monkey. He grabbed dad's coke, ran across the field trying to drink it!!!!!!

Soon the guards came running over shooting guns in the air, and the monkey ran as fast as he could.

After those few days we never messed with monkeys again.
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