Elephant Skin

George, Samantha and Cassidy in front of one of the elephants we rode.

It wasn't my first time riding an elephant, and I hope not the last. But the first time I was only four and it was at the circus. At that time my only wish was to experience it in a jungle. Dad's 50th birthday dream was to also ride an elephant.

One, because of the sense of adventure. Two, elephants are his favourite animal. But any way the thing that I remember the most was their skin. It was hard almost like rock only it has hair. Elephants don't have a lot of hair, but the hair is very tough as well. I've never felt their ears because it was too hard to stay on the neck so I don't know about the ears, but Sam said that it protects you from brush and keeps your legs warm too. Elephant skin is also very bumpy as well. There is nothing like elephant skin.

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