A Train Story

We took a minibus from our bungalows on Koh Samui to the ferry, making it just in time. The ferry chugged through the choppy, monsoon plagued waters and arrived safely on the mainland. We hustled off in a horde of pushing farangs and jumped on the bus to the train station as it literally took off leaving people stranded behind.

The bus let us off in front of the station and we stumbled in, unaware that the ferry had been an hour late in it's arrival. A train whistle blew and people ran to get on. Dad followed suit and Cassidy and I hoped on behind him. Mom stood on the platform screaming at us to get off, afterall our train didn't leave for another hour, it had to be the wrong train. "It's going to Bangkok, it's going to Bangkok!" we yelled, "Just get on!" She insisted that we were still on the wrong train.

The train started to move and mom's face went white. She screamed that we were on the wrong train as Dad reached behind her and pulled her up by the handle of her pack. The pack wedged itself in the door. Her legs flailed outside the train as her fists waved inside, still insisting we on the wrong train. As the engine picked up speed, panicked train attendants scurried to push her on board. As dad pulled they pushed to get the overstuffed pack on, she wailed "it's the wrong train!"

They were successful on getting her aboard, pack and all, and after a half hour of lugging our stuff through endless train cars to find ours, we were successful in convincing her that we were in fact on the right train.

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