How I learned about Greek gods was sitting at George, Jean and Pavlo Vlastos' house. I was given a book and was told to read as fast as I could. I did even though I didn't read all of the book before we left. I learned all about the major Gods, the 13 apostles.


In the beginning of earth there were only two living things and they were Gia, who is Mother Earth, and the other one is Father Sky. They married each other and had six boys and six girls. These were called the Titans.

Gia and Sky were very pleased at the sight of their children, but when they had the Cyclopes (who had only one eye), Sky went mad because they were so ugly. Even though Mother Earth loved her children, including the Cyclopes, it didn't stop Sky from throwing the Cyclopes in a black hole.

Mother Earth was mad and told Cronos, who was one of the Titans and was only a boy, to go out and push Sky into a black hole. Cronos gladly accepted it knowing that if he did push his father he would become King of the Universe. So he did. After that he was King. Gia then married one of the many sea Gods, whose name was Pundos.

The Parthenon in Athens.

At the same time Cronos was getting married to his sister, Rhea, who was very beautiful. As Cronos and Rhea were leaving, Mother Earth told them to not bear a child because if the child were strange enough she or he would kill Cronos in order to rule the Universe just as Cronos had done to his father. Since Rhea loved children they had many kids, like: Demiter, Goddess of Agriculture; Hesta, Goddess of Family and Peace; Hera, Goddess of Family and Married Women; Hades, God of the Underworld; Poseidon, God of the Sea. Rhea was not very happy with Cronos because he kept swallowing their children whole!

So when Rhea was having her sixth child, named Zeus, she decided to run away. As soon as she decided this, Gia found out. She told Rhea to go to an island named Crete, so she did. She left baby Zeus on Crete with a goat named Amaltheia to provide him with milk. He also grew up with two women who were Nymphs (magical beings who live in the woods). When Zeus was old enough he went out to battle with his father. He finally won and he also got his brothers and sisters back.

Then Zeus became King of he Universe and also he became the God of Heaven and Earth and Father of Gods and Humans. As soon as he met his older sister Hera, he fell in love with her and he asked if she would marry him. She said no because he was already married to Metis. Then he turned himself in to a injured bird. Hera picked him up and since the sound of the wounded bird was so pretty she said "I love you." Then he turned himself back in to Zeus. Hera then said "Yes, I will marry you." Since Zeus knew that Hera was stronger then all of his wives and he loved her more, he made Hera the chief of his wives.

Olympus was created with only twelve Golden chairs for the gods: ZEUS, God of Heaven and Earth and Father of Humans and Gods and son of Cronos and Rhea. HERA, Goddess of Family and Married women, daughter of Cronos and Rhea. ATHENA, Goddess of Wisdom, daughter of Metis and Zeus. POSEIDON, God of the Sea, son of Cronos and Rhea. DEMETER, Goddess of Agriculture, daughter of Cronos and Rhea. APOLLO, God of Light, Music and Prophecy, son of Leto and Zeus. ARTEMIS, Goddess of the Moon and daughter of Leto and Zeus. HERMES, God of Commerce, Prophecy and the Messenger of the Gods and Bearer of the Dead Souls, son of Zeus and Maia. APHRODITE, Goddess of Beauty and Love, daughter of no one*. ARES, God of War, son of Zeus and Hera. HEPHAESTUS, God of Fire and Art, son of Zeus and Hera. And last but not least is DIONYSUS, God of Wine, son of Semele and Zeus. HESTA gave up her golden chair to Dionysus and is not part of the special gods. But she had a special fireplace in the center of the golden chairs and is Goddess of Peace and Family.

*Aphrodite was born out of a clam shell full grown and when she was born the winds blew her to an island called Cyprus. She was beautiful, blonde hair and brown eyes. When she entered Cyprus three women helped her get out of the shell and she was given clothes and shelter. Then Zeus found out about her and took her and gave her a golden chair. Of course all the Gods fell in love with her and wanted her for their wife. As soon as Zeus found out about this he made her marry Hephaestus, the fire god who was crippled. He gave her jewels and dresses, but still he was very lame.

As we now know, Zeus has many wives and many girl friends and many ex-es. Well here is a story about one of them. Princess Europa was playing with some of her friends out on the beach when Zeus saw her. He saw her beauty and kindness and wished to marry her. The only way he could marry her would be to trick her by changing himself into a cow, so he did. As soon as he came down to the beach all the kids that she was playing with ran away. Europa knew her manners and petted him and he said "I AM THE GREAT GOD ZEUS." Europa jumped in the air and almost ran away but she didn't. All of a sudden Europa's mother and father and her three brothers called to her, but Zeus said "JUMP ON MY BACK." Europa did jump on kind of shaking a bit. Zeus said a chant and right through the water was a path. Now Europa almost fell off his back! When they got over to the other island Europa became lovers with Zeus and then Zeus left her. As for Europa, she went back to her family and then married a young prince.

The End

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