It was a nice cool evening when our friends asked if we might want to go on a felluca ride down and up the Nile! (For people who don't know what a felluca is, it is a small sailing boat that ancient Egyptians used. But back to the story.) Of course we said yes being the fast, non-stop people that we are -- and we all had always dreamed of going up and down the Nile River. Our friend Stacey got us a cab, which took a while. I liked driving around because Cairo is beautiful in its own sort of way.

We finally came to the place were you rent the boats. It was just in time for sunset. Our driver for the boat was an old man who had a great face and a great smile. We saw another felluca out in the sunset and it was beautiful.

A felluca drifts down the Nile at Sunset in Cairo.
Our felluca captain
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