Special Thanks

Our travels through Greece and Egypt were made very special due to so many wonderful people. To all our dearest thanks:

The Acropolis House, Athens. In the heart of the Plaka is a wonderful pension run by a special group of people: Vicki and Pannos, and of course Lukas.

Olga's Pension, Rethymno, Crete. Veteran travelers from all over the world know about this hidden and small pension where the owner, George, becomes an instant friend; and where the maze of roof top gardens is a special place to get lost.

And there in those gardens we met a family from Massachusetts who are now dear to us: The Robinsons, David, Linda, Holly and Amber.

The remarkable friendship and kindness of some amazing people of Rethymno who will always remain in our hearts and memories: George the jeweler and his wild-eyed dancing wife and friendly son; Nikos the bootmaker who makes the handmade Cretan mountain boots famed around the world; Magdalena, who's doll shop in the ancient twisting lanes became Cassidy's favorite place; and so many others, Cretans who understand the power of friendship and life.

Sister Stefonia quickly befriended us and proudly toured us around the orphanage where she lived and worked.

To the Kallionakis family, who in the midst of the wild southern coast of Crete provided a sane haven and a magical friendship.

George, Jean and Pavlo Vlastos. In the heart of Crete, along the lofty snow capped slopes of Mount Idi is the heavenly Amari Valley, last stronghold of the best olive oil. And in a small village is this family who spends half the year here and the other half in their other home in America. George has been part of our family for nearly 30 years, and Jean, also from Anchorage, has been known about since they met. What friends to have and hold!

In Egypt there are two people who deserve the very best: Stacey Hoyle and Eric Van Bourgondien. They took us in and helped to teach us the truth behind Cairo hospitality.

Thank you all....

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